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  • How is the application procedure?
    Simple! Once you apply on our website, we will approve it within 24-48 hrs. Two weeks before your move in date, the leasing agreement will be sent for signing and the process will be complete.
  • What documents do I need to provide when applying?
    You will need to provide copy of your acceptance letter, copy of passport and copy of I-20.
  • What do I have to pay when submitting my application?
    Application is free. Once your application is approved, you can pay the one-time placement fee and guarantee your place.
  • If I decide not to move in, can I get my placement fee back?"
    Only if it is for a valid reason. At the moment we only reimburse the placement fee if your visa process got delayed or not accepted.
  • Are there any other payments I should make before moving in?
    Yes. Before moving in, the rent and security deposit should be paid.
  • How do I pay my rent?有什么付款方式 ?
    1)银行转账(需要2-3个工作天的处理时间) Bank wire transfer (takes 2-3 business days to process) 2)信用卡付款(每笔信用卡刷卡金额上限为$3000) Credit/Debit Card (There is a limit of $3000 per transaction) 我们极力建议学生在入住前把房租缴清,以免耽误入住时间 We highly suggest every student make their payment prior to their move-in to avoid any delay in moving in.
  • Can I move in or out on different dates than the ones published?
    Yes. If you will move in earlier than the check in date or leave later than the check out date, let us know at the moment you apply and we will accommodate you properly.
  • Do male and female students share the same apartment?
    No, all of our student apartments are gender specific.
  • Do I need to find my roommate in order to share a room?
    No, you don’t have to find your roommate and you will only be responsible for your place.
  • How are roommates matched?
    Students will be placed together on a random selection. If you have any special requests, plase inform the placement advisor during the application process to make sure you are accommodated properly. If your school managed the room reservations, they will be responsible for the pairing and room allocation.
  • If I have a friend, can we move in together to share a room?"
    You may apply together and request to share a room. We will try our best to place you in the same room if there is availability.
  • Can I reserve a spot in future date? For example, 3 or 6 months in advance."
    Yes, you may definitely reserve a spot 3 to 6 months in advance. Please call us or contact us via email to reserve a spot in advance.
  • Are utilities included?
    All utilities are included – electricity (up to cap), trash, water, gas, High speed Internet, Apple TV and Netflix.
  • Are there laundry machines in the community?
    Yes. Kapi Residences offers laundry facilities in all our residential buildings.
  • Is there a housekeeping service?
    Yes. We provide monthly housecleaning services to all Kapi Residents at no additional cost!
  • Can I have visitors? 可以有访客吗
    白天访客是被允许的,但是10PM之后公寓内不允许有访客。 Of course! Visitors are allowed during the day but will have to leave the apartment by 10 pm. No overnight guests are allowed.
  • Can I smoke inside the apartment?
    No. All of our apartments are smoke free. Smoking is only allowed in the patio or outside the apartment.
  • Can I get an airport pick up service?
    Yes. We provide pickup service from the airport straight to your apartment. If you are arriving to LAX or SNA please contact us to arrange a pick up service.
  • Are meal plans included?
    No meals are provided. The apartment has a fully equipped kitchen where students can prepare their own delicious meals.
  • Does the community have any amenities?
    Most of our communities include swimming pools, spas, gas BBQs, fitness center w/cardio and weight equipment, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, business center with internet access, media center and game rooms.
  • Is there a bus stop near the apartment community?
    Yes, there are bus stops next to all of our apartment communities. The Anteater Express is a UCI shuttle that goes from the community to the UCI DCE building.
  • Is there a grocery store close to my apartment?
    Yes. There is a shopping plaza with grocery store options within walking distance from your apartment.
  • 怎么去学校?How do I go to school?
    We recommend taking the bus or biking. 社区外面有公车站可以搭乘校巴去学校。Yes, there are bus stops next to all of our apartment communities
  • What lease durations do you offer? 我的合同到什么时候?
    When is my lease expiring? 每个人签的合同时间长短都不同,最常见为3个月和9个月。请在您签合同的时候看清楚、避免误会。 Everyone’s lease length differs, the most common ones are 3 months and 9 months. Please make sure that you read over your lease agreement carefully to avoid any confusion.
  • 我可以在合同到期前提早搬出公寓吗?Can I move out of the apartment before my lease ends?
    Can I move out of the apartment before my lease ends? 可以的,但您必须在离开前1个月通知我们,并且有一个$2500的违约金。 Yes, but you need to notify Kapi one month prior to your move-out date, and there will be an early termination fee of $2500.
  • 我可以指定跟朋友一起住吗?Can I choose to be roommates with my friend?
    除非已接近满房,一般情况下是可以的,但是要在申请住房时就提出。 Unless most of the apartments are fully booked, you can specify who you would like to room with. However, please do so when filling out your application.
  • 有什么联系Kapi的方式?How can I contact Kapi?
    How can I contact Kapi? 您可以Email 或加我们的微信: Kapiresidences1. You can email or add our WeChat: Kapiresidences1.
  • 我什么时候可以拿回我的保证金?When can I get my security deposit back?
    When can I get my security deposit back? 在您合同结束后的21天会收到您的保证金。请务必在搬出公寓前检查您的电子邮箱并且提供您的银行资讯给我们。 You will be receiving your security deposit back after 21 days of your lease end date. Please make sure to check your email about getting security deposit back and reply us with your bank information.
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