How is the application procedure?

Simple! Once the student applied on our website, we will approve it within 24-48 hrs. Two weeks before their move in date, the leasing agreement will be sent for signing and the process will be complete.

What do I have to pay when submitting my daughter/son’s application?

Application is free. Once the application is approved, the $250 placement fee is due to guarantee their place.

How is the check-in procedure?

Fast and easy. Students will receive an email with time and move in location at least two weeks prior to check-in. They will need to show a valid photo ID at check-in.

Can my daughter/son get an airport pick up service?

Yes. We provide pickup service from LAX and SNA. Please contact the placement team to arrange a pickup service. Our shuttles drop off the students at their new apartments.

What are the move in charges?

Before moving in, students need to pay a one-time placement fee and the first month’s rent.

How do I pay for my daughter/son’s housing fees? What methods of payment are accepted?

We manage payments online and in person. Our tenant portal allows to make payments from all over the world. We accept all major credit cards and ACH payments.

Are the payments done in fully in advance?

If your daughter/son is staying with Kapi for one program, the payment has to be done fully in advance. We do offer special packages for students that continue their stay for longer (6 months or more), giving them the option to pay monthly.

What is an individual lease?

It is a lease only for one bed space. Therefore, if one of the roommates is delinquent, cancels their lease or damages the apartment, the student is not responsible. Your daughter/son is only liable for him/herself.

How are roommates matched?

Students will be placed together depending on gender and school. If the student has any special requests, they need to inform the placement advisor during the application process to make sure they are accommodated properly.

What if my daughter/son does not get along with his/her roommate?

Our Residential Advisors will take part in a conversation with both students to try to resolve the issue. This usually resolves the conflict, if not Kapi Residences will look into options of relocating one or both students within the community.

Does my daugher/son need to bring their own bed sheets and towels?

No. The apartments are fully furnished and equipped, covering also kitchen supplies and bedroom linens.

How is transportation to school?

There are several UCI shuttle stops next to the apartment community, making it easy to get to school on time. Bikes are also a great option since there are nice bike trails to school. Bikes can be rented at Kapi.

Are there washer and dryer machines?

Yes. There are laundry facilities in the apartment community.

Is there a grocery store close to the apartment?

Yes. There are grocery stores and shops within walking distance. The Kapi team shares information about local grocery stores and shopping plazas during the student orientation.

Is the Residential Advisor available 24/7 in case my daughter/son needs assistance?

Yes. At your daughter/son’s arrival we will provide the essential information with contact and emergency phone numbers. Our staff is also available for any assistance the student might need as getting information about the area, how to get a local phone number, how to transport and what places to visit.